About US

It begin since 1965 when Late Kishanlal Mohta with his three Sons started a wholesale business in the name of “Daulal Nandlal”(a proprietorship firm) dealing in cloths. (Especially in Suiting, Shirting, Sarees & Dhoti) We were the distributors of following Mills Jiyajee , Rajkamal, J.C.T, etc.

As Year passed in about 80’s the business expanded by starting a wholesale Fancy Sarees division in the name of “Gokul Textiles” (a proprietorship firm) Specially dealing in products of Surat, Mumbai, Bengluru, Kolkatta, Ichalkranji, Bhrampur, Ect.

The development went on year by year and about in 90’ we started a Firm in the name of “Anand Fabrics” in which we were Sole Distributer & Dealer of Mafatlal Industries Ltd. & we deal in woolen items such as Shawls & blankets of Amritsar, Ludhiyana, Pilkhuwa, Panipath, Ect.

In 2k we started a Handloom Section in the Name of “K.Textiles” in this we took over a firm “Kothari Textiles” (dealing in handloom since 1965) and merged the Anand Fabrics firm in it. In this firm we promoted the Handloom industries of India epically from South India ( Erode, Kumarpalyam, Chennnai, Madhuri Ect.) Handmade sarees of Tant from various places of west Bengal, Assam, Orissa was also promoted.

As all the firms were in different floor of same building so it was easy to unite all business as a business house and convert it in a company.

In 2011 all the three Firms were united and started a company in the name of “Daulal Nandlal Trading Pvt. Ltd.”A single Business House (building), with all type of unstitched clothes, from economic range till executive range of products.

The retailer gets the collection of clothes produced throughout India at a single point with the display of about 6000 square feet area.

In this period the firm had about regular 4000 satisfied retail customers throughout Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal & Chhattisgarh.